Your Environment’s Brewin

Written by lookthinkmake | April 3, 2018

In 2015, lookthinkmake sold its Manor Rd office to an exciting new venture. Actually, they just wanted to brew beer, but that was cool enough for us. Almost three years later, Oddwood Ales has opened their doors and tapped their kegs. Which leads us to…

Oddwood co-founder Brett Ziebarth found a taster’s worth of yeast growing on a sprig of rosemary while on a walk. He, being the observant, curious beer geek that he is immediately ran to his brother and co-founder Taylor to get it analyzed. From there, they learned that the interaction of the yeast with the rosemary made this yeast extremely pure. Taylor is now taking steps to see if this yeast could a catalyst for an experimental new batch of suds. There it is.

Their story of finding this huge little thing really speaks to a larger moment of inspiration that extends to most creative endeavors. It teaches us an old lesson that we need to remind ourselves of over and over again: Observe your environment. Whether you’re at work or not, your observational powers really shouldn’t take any time off. That’s how you keep your creative tank full.

So go see stuff. Do stuff. Engage it, cultivate it, experiment with it, and grow it. Then make something awesome with it. Oddwood Ales’ taproom is open most nights from 4pm-11pm.

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