Plum Creek

Mixed-use, master-planned community Plum Creek in Kyle, Texas is a place where neighbors are friends. The 2,200-acre real estate development has redefined suburban life by creating a community that is designed to engage people.

Initially, we defined and captured the essence of the brand, subsequently updating the brand identity to extend beyond a residential application. This allowed Plum Creek to credibly convey the mixed-use nature of the community.

Commercial real estate development materials were also created for the Plum Creek team and include downloadable brochures, site flyers and a storytelling wall for the commercial sales center. At Plum Creek, it’s life all around.

Rock The Porch & Hootenanny on the Hill 2014

After last year's successful Rock the Porch public art initiative, we returned again this year with more artists, more locations around the community, and a big reveal at Hootenanny on the Hill, Plum Creek's fall festival. Artists from in and around Kyle created 20 works of art out of rocking chairs, all based around the theme of music, whether its classical, hard rock, or anything in between. The results are totally rockin'!

Rock the Porch 2014 Album Cover Posters
Rock the Porch 2014 Album Cover Posters
Rock the Porch 2014 Album Cover Posters


With home and building-like shapes above the shield, The Plum Creek logo gives a nod to the real estate development’s mixed-use nature. A palette of blues and greens complement the master-planned community’s open spaces, trails and 30-acre lake.

Additionally, the developers of Plum Creek invited us to rebrand the Plum Creek Golf Course in a way that integrates with the overall Plum Creek brand, yet stands apart. The new design – equal parts monogram and movement – works for signage, merchandising, architecture, wallpaper, you name it.

Plum Creek - brand identity


Now in its 16th year of development, Plum Creek recently launched a new website that illustrates the growth and development that has happened in the neighborhood, as well as the community spirit and vibrancy of the neighborhood and its residents.

Like Plum Creek’s tagline “Life All Around,” the development’s website is an enveloping experience that engages users with a highly-visual interface to illustrate what it’s like to live in Plum Creek. Photography showcases the homes, amenities and gathering spaces of the neighborhood, while a looping video shows the living experience of Plum Creek residents.

While residential, commercial and amenity spaces are integrated and tucked in throughout the neighborhood, the commercial and residential sections of the website are separated so different users can easily navigate the site. Plum Creek has grown up and changed so much over the years. The new site better catalogs the various elements of this dynamic, mixed-use community.




With 95 million square feet of amenities, there’s life all around at Plum Creek.

Rock The Porch 2013

Rock the Porch is a fresh and exciting grassroots public art initiative. In the summer of 2013, 14 artistic rocking chairs by local artists, groups and individuals were installed in the public spaces of the neighborhood and the City of Kyle. The campaign delivered media coverage, social media engagement and conversation, and goodwill among the residents of Plum Creek and Kyle, Texas.

View Rock The Porch Website.