Pease Park Conservancy

Location: Austin, Texas

Reach: Central Texas / Regional

Approach: Brand Identity, Public Relations, Campaign, Event Communication, Collateral

Categories: Parks & Recreation, Nonprofit, Public Art


Decades are planted one year at a time.

As one of Austin’s most iconic green spaces and oldest parks, Pease Park is a civic landmark and regional treasure. Unfolding across 84 acres, Pease Park serves as a shaded and lush oasis in the heart of the city, providing residents and visitors alike with an intimate, yet sprawling, natural amenity for picnics and birthday parties, nature walks, recreation and relaxation. Pease Park Conservancy was formed in 2008 to ensure that Pease Park remains one of Austin’s greatest treasures.

With a year of exciting changes in store for Pease Park in 2017, the Conservancy partnered with lookthinkmake in 2017 to create a new brand identity and creative campaign, and to develop a comprehensive public relations program to share the excitement of Pease Park’s new initiatives – including a generous grant from the Moody Foundation, multiple public art projects that now call Pease Park home, and much more.

In 2018, with the brand and PR strategy established, it was time to party. So we rolled out a branded event theme, collateral, and additional PR outreach to celebrate Pease Park’s 2018 Fall Fundraiser. We continued those efforts into 2019, and in 2020, we’re rolling out a new campaign to share how Pease Park Conservancy serves the park, so the park can serve all of us, together.

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Digital Campaign Elements


Below is a selection of print, broadcast and online coverage that lookthinkmake has secured for Pease Park Conservancy, totaling over 17 million impressions and counting.