What we Do

Driven by the belief that good work matters, lookthinkmake creates interactive and integrated brand communications that engage all media. Print, online, video, nontraditional, brand identity design, package design, web and mobile, guerilla, events, public relations, social media – yes, we’re into it all.

The old models of advertising are gone. Traditional advertising campaigns are locked away in the Smithsonian somewhere. Today, consumers are consuming information however they see fit. They’re running, multitasking, and navigating a changing world. How do we reach them? There’s a hint in our name.

Growing a brand requires a lot of attention. A brand is timely and timeless, solid and graceful, reliable and surprising, and fluidly moves from medium to medium. Just like the people we’re all becoming. And already are.

Brand Management

market research / strategic planning / account management / media planning / analysis and reporting

Our accounts team is a tenacious group of analytic and business-savvy minds grinding out research, targeting markets, determining media, and establishing appropriate metrics to track results. We will orchestrate a plan of attack to position your brand exactly where it needs to be and often where consumers least expect.

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branding / typography / advertising / print / digital / integrated campaigns

How does a strategy become a big idea? How does a big idea become a fully integrated campaign? Better put creative on it. Need out of the box thinking? We’ll burn the box, wonder why it was ever there in the first place then build something cooler in its place. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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responsive web / mobile development / html / css / ruby on rails / javascript / jquery / php

All things 1s and 0s, elegantly. From homepages and mobile apps to inventing technology to make an idea work. We have geeks with some serious digital chops. Digital isn’t as much a medium as it is an amorphous space. You can define and redefine as your imagination sees fit. And that’s a position we love to be in.

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sponsorship / promotion / planning / production / management

As they say, “Ain’t no party like an LTM party.” From the early planning to clean up, we do what it takes to execute your event, no matter the size. We have the know-how and the connections to get you a prime placement or to throw one heck of a bash. From run of shows to staffing, we’ve got you covered.

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Public Relations

strategic planning / campaign development / media relations / community relations / reputation management / crisis communications

We are your brand’s eyes and ears – directing, redirecting and even changing the conversation. You’ll discover who you are, define your public voice and prioritize a cohesive and strategic approach to sharing information and engaging your people. And of course, if there’s ever a crisis, we’ve got your back. Learn More

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Social Media

planning / audience building / campaign development / content creation / implementation / analysis

Everyone claims to know social media, but it’s much more than posting content and hoping for Facebook likes. Social media is a two-way street; it connects you to your audience on an authentic and personal level. With the right platforms, we’ll listen and tell your story, start a dialogue with your audience, and make your brand a part of daily life.

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Giving Back

leadership / stewardship / community involvement

lookthinkmake encourages our people to share skills for the benefit of others. Volunteerism is company led, through pro-bono and nonprofit work; and individually led, by people giving their time and expertise to local community organizations and nonprofit boards.

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