Recognizing Our Sustainable Clients

Written by lookthinkmake | April 26, 2021

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with talented teams across various industries over the past 12 years. This month, we want to highlight the efforts of clients past and present who have helped make our green spaces more inviting.

Pease Park Conservancy

Unfolding across 84 acres, Pease Park serves as a shaded and lush oasis in the heart of the city. Pease Park Conservancy was formed in 2008 to ensure that Pease Park remains one of Austin’s greatest treasures. As stewards for the park’s history and future, Pease Park Conservancy aims to enhance and restore the park, so future generations can continue to use and enjoy this urban oasis.   

Barton Springs Conservancy 

Since 2014, Barton Springs Conservancy has worked to honor, preserve, and enhance the experience of Barton Springs through education and facilities improvements. In collaboration with the City of Austin, community leaders, and stakeholders of the Springs, Barton Springs Conservancy helps to raise funds for projects that ensure future generations can continue to love and enjoy Austin’s very heart and soul for generations to come.

The Crossvine 

Sprawling over 540 acres, The Crossvine is the first mixed-use, master-planned community located in Schertz, TX. Perfectly poised to promote a healthy lifestyle and connectivity among neighbors, The Crossvine is crisscrossed by an extensive  greenbelt system comprising open green spaces and miles of hike and bike trails. The community’s design incorporates extensive landscaping features meandering block-stone walls, native plants, environmentally sensitive landscaping, and open welded-wire fencing.

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