LTMers’ Sustainable Habits

Written by lookthinkmake | April 26, 2021

Our LTMers really believe that small actions lead to big change and have found ways to mindfully engage in the eco-friendly movement. 

If this month motivates you to update your habits, here are just a few of the sustainable swaps we’re implementing in our efforts to go green:


I try to reduce my driving as much as possible by walking and biking around the city. Not only are they fun alternatives to driving, they also double as a great way to get some exercise into my day and enjoy the beautiful Austin weather.


Lately I’ve been purchasing clothes secondhand and thrifting as much as possible to try to get off the fast fashion train. My favorite recent find is a retro scarf that I bought from a small vintage shop in my hometown of Indianapolis. The seller even gave me advice about the best places to thrift the next time I’m in town.


If you love to travel (whether it’s a road trip, flight, cruise, etc.), there are a few organizations with simple tools to calculate your trip’s carbon footprint. They generate a specific dollar amount to donate in order to offset it. Clear is just one of the organizations I’ve discovered.

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