LTM Goes Back to School

Written by lookthinkmake | September 17, 2020

While our kids are heading back to school, lookthinkmake has also taken the opportunity to expand our knowledge and brush up on our skills.

With the help of all the virtual platforms that have emerged in 2020, as well as the extra time that we have while working from home, we’ve each been able to grow in unique ways throughout the past few months.

Here are a few tools we’ve been using, classes we’ve taken and books we’ve read to help us stay productive and make the most of our time working from home.

Virtual Discussion Panels

Co-Founder, Patricia Buchholtz recently participated in a panel for Women in Architecture, the second virtual event in the 2020 Visionary Series hosted by AIA Austin. During her presentation, Patricia explained the importance of branding with emotion along with three other industry professionals who spoke about branding’s role in architecture.

“As a group of highly innovative and creative women, WIA’s programming to hear from creative experts that are complementary to creating the built environment is a stroke of brilliance. In presenting about building brands that tie to the emotion of a space, I also learned a great deal from other leaders in Austin. The open exchange of knowledge and resources serves to lift all ships and it was a tremendous evening.”

Educational Reads

Senior Publicist, Courtney Bianchi Chapa read The Art of Gathering to help our clients with any and all virtual event ideas and assistance.

“Hosting gatherings with purpose has always been a passion of mine. When I was gifted The Art of Gathering I was so happy to find a book that resonated with my values and provided thoughtful insight as to why meeting together matters. Now more than ever finding ways to connect in a thoughtful way is important. This book covers a wide variety of events – from a family function to a social with friends, to a professional meeting – Priya Parker shares smart content and helpful insight to make any event memorable.”

Google Classrooms

Zoe Parker, Account Coordinator, has used her extra time to brush up on her digital marketing knowledge by diving into Google’s online classrooms. These have been great resources for our clients in order to help them generate unique digital solutions, especially during a time when people are utilizing digital resources increasingly more often.

“Google Skillshop has opened my mind up to all the possibilities that exist when it comes to using digital resources to their full potential. This platform allows me to learn at my own pace while challenging me to think outside the box to generate new ideas.”

Marketing Lessons

Digital Marketing Specialist, Greg Alfaro is studying the Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer. His biggest takeaway has been understanding the ever changing technologies, being customer-centric and human in order to provide the most sustainable services, build stronger connections and provide more value.

“In times of uncertainty and with always changing technologies, being customer-centric and human in our messaging will always be the most sustainable service we can provide as marketers. Taking the time to really understand our current and prospective customers – their needs. concerns, what they value – helps guide and improve our messaging, strengthen customer loyalty and create stronger brand advocates.”

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