Looking at Our Environmental Impact

Written by lookthinkmake | April 26, 2021

At lookthinkmake, we have had the pleasure of working with communities, partners, and teams to help foster, create, and celebrate the places that people love to be. 

Here are some of our favorite steps to take to help make a positive environmental impact in our daily lives.

Make the first mile count:

So much of our daily activity happens within a short radius of our homes. 

Try drawing a one-mile radius around your home and look to see what you can accomplish within that circle. Better yet, see if you can accomplish those things without getting in a car to reduce your footprint, increase your movement, and connect with your community along the way.  

Adapt and reuse:

From reflecting the character and story of places that have stood for generations, to keeping materials out of the retail, production, and landfill cycles, adapting and repurposing natural materials, building materials, and structures  creates a dialogue that recognizes our past and protects our future.

Small is big:

You don’t have to change the whole world to change the world. Planting a simple container garden or installing a bird feeder can transform your immediate surroundings and invite positive environmental interactions. 

Whatever you decide to do, just do it! If we all take one small step, they’ll come together to leave behind a large positive footprint on the planet and help pave the path towards a happier, healthier future for everyone.

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