Building a Company Culture, Together

Written by lookthinkmake | June 28, 2018

Your vision for the company budget might be quarterly or annually, but your vision for the company culture should be 100 years or more.

– said some seemingly sage person a while ago

At lookthinkmake, we are more than just a brand communication firm. We are a place that celebrates people, places, and dreams—we just happen to be great at brand communication so that’s the outward facing platform we use to fulfill our internal mission.

So how do you cultivate a culture that celebrates people, places, and dreams? Let us show you our ways:

1 . Get to know each other…in weird ways.

Like an analog “wall” in our office. We’ve taken a blank space in our work-home and turned it into the proverbial childhood fridge complete with random accomplishments, art, and factoids. We know each other’s favorite places, pet names, recommended books, pet peeves, etc. If you come to our office, you’ll know it, too. And we don’t even have to be friends on FB to find out.

2. Half birthdays are birthdays, too. Well, for lookthinkmake at least.

8.5 was a great age. We find reasons to celebrate the amazing humans we spend our life with and go big. For full birthdays, we bring in the cake. Or deviled eggs. Or lemon bars. Or salad bars. Whatever the birthday star wants because at that moment, it’s all about them.

3. Our social committee is an eclectic minded group

We have happy hours of course, but sometimes when the weather is nice, we feel the need to have track and field competitions. Just like in elementary school, except with beer.

4. We cheer for dreams coming true.

Like marrying your best friend or landing your first home. Bringing home that new precious child or puppy. Or kitty. Sometimes it’s launching into grad school or taking a career jump to a new position at a different place. We love it all and we love watching everyone reach for their big moments.

5. We are great at what we do, and we know how hard everyone works on behalf of our clients and each other.

So, we bust out the BIG, false-alarm-setting-off, ginormous balloons for work anniversaries and we quietly offer gift cards and thank you notes for day to day heavier-than-usual lifting.

6. We look backwards and forwards together.

At the end of the year we get together as a family and tell our story of the year behind and the year ahead. Each person shares their favorite moments and their hopes for the year to come. Whether it’s through crazy chickens or ridiculous GIFs, everyone brings a new perspective.

7. And sometimes, when that big client that we never expected but hoped we would get does land

—We scream, we pop open champagne, we crack jokes and dance, and we begin reaching for new milestones to celebrate. Together.

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