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LTM's New Website: Building a Digital Home

Phone, desktop, and tablet preview of lookthinkmake's website.

Welcome to our new website!

As the old saying goes, we’ve been meaning to do this for years. Perhaps it’s the world’s recent trend towards upheaval that inspired our action into thoughtfully reinventing our digital space. 

As a team and a company, we are changing, growing, and thinking big. A new website was needed to reflect the current moment, as well as our own momentum.

We’re passionate about placemaking. In fact, it’s kind of our whole deal. What a thrill to turn the tables, sit down (virtually) together with our trusted toolkit, and start imagining a perfect place for ourselves. 

"Digital home" is a phrase I started hearing from coworkers as the new lookthinkmake.com came to life, i.e., "It feels like a true digital home!"

Music to my ears, especially during this era of remote work.

Like many teams working virtually, we miss the magic of gathering in a shared space that embodies our mission. For this reason, I’m not surprised that websites have felt more meaningful than ever to our clients recently. 

In lieu of consistent physical environments, websites have become our next most reliable spaces.

A true "digital home" feeling can’t be reached with a template, though. It takes a good amount of strategic legwork to lay the kind of foundation that will perfectly support your brand and allow great design and content to shine.

The result of these efforts? A place that effectively welcomes everyone you hoped would visit and compels them to hang around. Kind of like a great party... where you feel comfortable, wander into new conversations, and maybe even pass around a business card.

We’ll follow up soon with more behind-the-scenes details from our process. For now, though, please go ahead and look around. 

We hope you’ll stay for awhile, because we’re enjoying hanging out here very much.

Kelly Shea

We have good reason to believe Kelly’s left and right brain are in cahoots. In fact, seemingly limitless creativity and sharp digital thinking end up in every single web page she designs.



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