ltm Extended Family: Daniel Woodroffe

As president and founder of dwg., Daniel has practiced landscape architecture for over 20 years. He has amassed a wealth of urban design, green infrastructure, hospitality, urban parks and complex on-structure architectural commissions. In his role as Design Director he has overseen a multitude of award-winning national and international projects. Daniel is passionate about design

Keeping Real Estate Real

Wow! Your neighborhood has streets, sidewalks, houses and a park? So does mine! – said no one ever. As humans, we can’t create a neighborhood without a similar toolkit of building blocks to make it function. But we actually do have tremendous influence in how a neighborhood looks and more importantly, how it feels. lookthinkmake

Your Environment’s Brewin

In 2015, lookthinkmake sold its Manor Rd office to an exciting new venture. Actually, they just wanted to brew beer, but that was cool enough for us. Almost three years later, Oddwood Ales has opened their doors and tapped their kegs. Which leads us to… Oddwood co-founder Brett Ziebarth found a taster’s worth of yeast