ltm Extended Family: Charles Travis

  Charles Travis is the founder and principal architect of Chas Architects, one of our recent PR clients. With projects ranging from rustic weekend retreats to transitional lakeside estates, Chas Architects prides itself on creating sophisticated and dynamic environments that combine graceful modern living with the timeless warmth of hand-crafted traditional architecture. Over his 30-year

ltm Extended Family: Casey Dunn

  Casey Dunn is a photographer living in Austin, Texas.  A native Texan, he spent his childhood playing baseball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, kickball, prison ball and sometimes Zelda or Contra if it was raining. He tried on many occasions to replace one of those sports with something cooler like surfing or skateboarding, but the

Once Upon a Time: The Story of the Pitch

For people in PR, journalists are sometimes elusive creatures. And understandably so; they often receive upwards of hundreds of emails a day. With so much competition, and so many publicists vying for attention, how do you stand out in an inbox full of pitches? While a lot of it depends on your relationship with the

Fareground placement in Austin Monthly; story of a pitch