Here’s Something I’ve learned About Creative Control: Leave It to the Powers That Be Collaborating.

Ever have the ‘perfect’ idea or vision, only to see it get completely changed somewhere between lightbulb and fruition? Good. That means you’re engaged in a healthy, collaborative process. But of course collaboration can’t be a free-for-all. There is such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen. Renowned branding expert Eli Altman says

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ltm Extended Family: Mickey D’Armi

Mickey D’Armi is the Director of Marketing for Texas Executive Education at the McCombs School of Business, where he is responsible for the overall go-to-market strategy, market segmentation, targeting, positioning, product and service offerings, pricing, and advertising/promotional activities. Before joining The University of Texas in 2013, Mr. D’Armi held a variety of Marketing, Brand Management,