You Ask, Patricia Answers: What’s a RECA?

Written by lookthinkmake | December 8, 2015

I found out about RECA many moons ago when I worked at Momark Development. As a real estate development firm, being involved in RECA, the Real Estate Council of Austin, was important – they kept up with goings on a City Hall, and kept everyone networking with each other. All very lovely and important for the industry.

At some point, RECA decided to be an influencer in the career path of the next generation of real estate people and launched their Leadership Development Council (LDC). Suddenly, men and women under the age of 35 could access the decision-makers in our city and understand the deep conversations that guide and shape “place.”  It’s where I first met then City Councilman, Brewster McCracken, now Executive Director of the Pecan Street Project (you should read about it, it’s pretty dang cool). It’s where I met Laura Beuerlein, co-owner of Heritage Title, who knows nearly every single person in Austin, and maybe Texas… maaaybe even the world. It’s where I learned about “Readings” and “Ordinances” and “Approvals” and all those things that City Council works through. It’s where I made lifelong professional friends with Jonny Rodgers, Fayez Kazi, Doug Rauls, Scott Wuest, and many other LDC people who have pursued their careers in creating better places in Austin.

RECA also is a massive educational influencer. If you want to know about regional economics, transportation issues, tax laws (and lawsuits) – RECA not only knows about them, but they’ve also researched them, and have created symposiums to get people to talk, debate, and find creative solutions about them so that our city thrives.

And boy, has it been thriving. It’s common knowledge that Austin is the #1 Best Place to be if you want a job, a life, a significant other, a tan, a hard body, a food coma, an education, a festival, a YETI, a SUP, some artwork, a bit of live music… yeah – it’s pretty fabulous. And people are coming here in droves.

So, what’s a RECA? It’s a placemaker – our favorite thing in the world.

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