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Sharp Propane® has provided safe, reliable and convenient propane energy solutions to Texans for more than 60 years. A few years ago, the company underwent an extensive rebrand, shifting the thinking away from propane as a commodity to propane as a service. lookthinkmake provides full-service advertising, marketing and public relations services to Sharp Propane. The campaign Think About Propane Once emphasizes the customer care and expert service that Sharp delivers.

Think About Propane Once

Most people don’t know a lot about propane. So lookthinkmake started asking questions. Many, many questions, such as: Why’s this propane service better than that one? How often does home propane get refilled? Will using a propane stove make my food taste better? Will it cut down on energy costs? Our questions led us to the answer: Sharp Propane. Because when you boil it all down, you really only have to think about propane. Once.

Sharp Propane - Think About Propane. Once.

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Customers love Sharp Propane and Complete Care because While Sharp propane customers only have to think about propane once, their love for Sharp and Complete Care often leads to pronouncements, and even the odd poetry slam.

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