Quake Energy


The Challenge: Get Ohioans to switch natural gas suppliers in a commodity industry.

The Scoop: Quake offers energy reflective of Ohioans’ spirit.

QUAKE supplies natural gas to Ohioans in the Columbus and Cleveland regions. Given they offer the same natural gas as many of their competitors, Quake thrives on customer service. They offer no startup or cancellation fees, no long term contracts and consistently low rates. And much like the people they serve, they work hard doing it. Through their friendly approach and competitive rates, they provide the energy and means for Ohioans to be themselves.

In other words: Power to Ohio.

The Approach: strategic planning • media planning • print • outdoor • radio • event sponsorship & collateral • integrated digital • social

The Result: An iconic statewide, multimedia campaign launch to help Quake grow awareness.

quake lockups

quake final photos mosaic