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So you’re interested in working at lookthinkmake?

If you review the following job opening(s), get to know our people, and check out our core values and see a fit, we’d love to hear from you. Please email the job title, a statement of interest and a resume to jobs(at)lookthinkmake.com. Thanks for your attention and we wish you the best on the job hunt.


Art Director

We’re looking for an Art Director that brings strange and unexpected ideas to life.

Beginning sentences with “I have a crazy idea but hear me out…” is a great start; your expertise is in the big idea. Working with a copywriter, you’ll pitch ideas and develop overarching campaigns that span all forms of media. You’ll work hand in hand with our designers to set the direction and tone of new campaigns. And you’ll pick up the baton on campaigns currently alive in the wild and move them forward with new executions.

lookthinkmake combines big concepts, gutsy executions and smart design to tell our clients’ narratives by illuminating on the aspects of their business that set them apart. We offer a wide range of services yet our team remains tight.. We thrive on ideas that feed our souls and serve our clients. You’ll work with pretty much every person in our office on a variety of projects: campaigns, websites, social media, physical & digital collateral, events, and branding.

Here’s how we’d like you to describe you: when it comes to a campaigns you think in big overarching ideas. You revel in abstract situations and conversations. You’re constantly thinking “what if?” You’re always wondering and wandering; curiosity is a way of life. You’re frequently the friend saying, “Have you guys seen this?!” You think beyond layout and design and can work well with the design team allowing their expertise to elevate an idea. Adaptability and Flexibility are your middle names. At least one of your fingers is a sharpie that can’t stop doodling ideas. You’re equal parts goofy and studious. You’re comfortable and professional in front of a client. And finally, you appreciate and love the journey of the creative process as much as the destination.

If you’re still with us so far, check out the responsibilities and qualifications below:

• Create new campaign ideas, collateral, campaign executions, etc, partnered with a copywriter
• Build out campaign concept presentations with example executions
• Develop new executions for ongoing projects in collaboration with the design team
• Assist in the production of meeting and presentation materials
• Contribute to the initial conceptual and ideation process
• Collaborate with design team on executions
• Attend client meetings

• Strong portfolio of multi-faceted campaigns
• Minimum 1-3 years of experience as an Art Director
• Understanding of design principles
• Working knowledge of Adobe CC to build comps, with the ability to build press-ready files as needed
• Great presentation skills

Sound like you’re the one for this gig? Tell us why you want this job, and include your resume and a link to your portfolio. Bonus points: Pick your spirit animal, name them and give us their bio (sketches, doodles, typography, or whichever medium works best for you). Then email jobs(at)lookthinkmake.com and include “Art Director” in the subject line.


Digital Designer / Web Designer

Let’s make some websites together.

If you bleed RGB, your bones are made of wireframes, and you measure your height in pixels, then we should chat.

We’re looking for a full-time digital designer that loves designing beautiful websites, interactive pieces and digital design elements. Yep, we said “design” a bunch. A strong visual sensibility is critical to this gig.

lookthinkmake aims to elevate the digital storytelling for our clients by building spaces they can thrive and stand out on the web. While your expertise and workload will focus heavily on interactive design, you’ll be involved in meetings that discuss site structure to digital marketing.

lookthinkmake is an Austin advertising & PR agency with a strong team and design-focused, community-changing clients. We take pride in the big idea and strive to execute work that feeds our souls and serves our clients. You’ll work with pretty much every person in our office at some point on a variety of projects: websites, digital campaigns, social media, and digital collateral.

Here’s how we’d like to describe you: You’re design-forward and have an amazing aesthetic. And you’re usually thinking about design and development simultaneously in order to make the other better. You’re team oriented and thrive in a flexible environment of bouncing off ideas and adapting executions as needed. You’re constantly curious, and not afraid to break the internet and put it back together again. You work well with a team, but your initiative comes from within. You keep up with the latest in the web design world and are able to spot when a new technology is a great fit for a project. You’re able to explain technical concepts to the untechnical, and are comfortable and professional in front of a client.

• Design websites and innovative digital brand experiences working with the digital/content team
• Expand on initial digital/web designs
• Create additional page layouts based off of existing templates
• Work closely with content writers, digital marketing, design, and brand management to organize content for web projects
• Develop web style guide
• Design emails, display ads, other digital collateral
• Contribute to the initial conceptual and ideation process of building brands and campaigns
• Create web-ready executions
• Assist in the production of meeting and presentation materials
• Contribute to the initial conceptual and ideation process
• Understand digital best practices and strategies
• Create digital marketing asset design as necessary
• Attend client meetings as necessary

• Strong portfolio of interactive design
• Minimum 3 years of web/interactive design experience
• Proficient in Adobe CC.
• Experience in other programs such as Sketch is a big plus.
• Understanding of front-end technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery
• Command of UI principles/best practices for responsive web design
• Understanding of web-based development best practices

Sound like your gig? Tell us why you want this job, include your resume, and a link to your portfolio. Bonus points: include a couple sites that you’ve seen and loved recently. Tell us what you liked about them and why. Email jobs(at)lookthinkmake.com with the subject Interactive Designer.



This position has been filled.