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People are too comfortable to care.

People are too comfortable to care. This was a powerful statement by Mike Maples, Jr., a venture capitalist that has seen tremendous success in ventures including Twitter, Twitch. TV, Bazaarvoice, and Spiceworks, to name a few. He spoke at an Austin Business Journal Face 2 Face event. (These are amazing, btw. Go check them out.) From

ltm Extended Family: Eli Winkelman

Eli Winkelman is the founder of CRAFT, and our neighbor at Artpost. She opened CRAFT in 2013 as a place where anyone – from crafting hoarders to rookies – could make a mess and create. CRAFT is a walk-in studio – they provide the tools and materials, all you have to do is show up

CRAFT Studio

Inspiration Needs a lot of A.D.S.

Left to its own devices, inspiration is a truant. It doesn’t abide any schedule but its own. It’s a flake. A wanderer. And unless you’re calling it out of sheer panic because you need it for survival, it kind of comes and goes at it pleases. That’s why you need to treat inspiration like the

Inspiration Strategies

36 Days Of Type

Elle’s Cast of Characters A little over a month ago, our very own Elle Tse set off on what could only be described as a design marathon. Every day, for 36 days, Elle made a character from scratch. In the process, well, we’ll let her talk about that. What is #36Daysoftype? How did you first

36 Days Of Type Featured Image

ltm Extended Family: Ashland Viscosi

Ashland Viscosi is the founder of Creatives Meet Business, an event and podcast series that helps empower Austin’s creative sector by connecting them with the various businesses who support them. She’s a unicorn of sorts, as she was actually born in Austin, Texas. Ashland has a background in film and production and works with several

ltm Extended Family: Charles Travis

  Charles Travis is the founder and principal architect of Chas Architects, one of our recent PR clients. With projects ranging from rustic weekend retreats to transitional lakeside estates, Chas Architects prides itself on creating sophisticated and dynamic environments that combine graceful modern living with the timeless warmth of hand-crafted traditional architecture. Over his 30-year

ltm Extended Family: Casey Dunn

  Casey Dunn is a photographer living in Austin, Texas.  A native Texan, he spent his childhood playing baseball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, kickball, prison ball and sometimes Zelda or Contra if it was raining. He tried on many occasions to replace one of those sports with something cooler like surfing or skateboarding, but the

Once Upon a Time: The Story of the Pitch

For people in PR, journalists are sometimes elusive creatures. And understandably so; they often receive upwards of hundreds of emails a day. With so much competition, and so many publicists vying for attention, how do you stand out in an inbox full of pitches? While a lot of it depends on your relationship with the

Fareground placement in Austin Monthly; story of a pitch

That One Time a Year When We Work for Kids

The Austin Children’s Shelter Gala is one of our favorite events every year. Why? No kids. I tease, and honestly, I don’t even have kids, but I imagine if I did, this is how I’d justify unloading them on Grandma, a neighbor, or just unplugging the blender and putting the oldest one in charge. Which

ltm Extended Family: Ekaterina Vlasenko

Ekaterina Vlasenko co-founded the company Statzilla, a web platform that does statistical research and big data analytics. This October she was one of 24 emerging young business leaders from Russia that participated in the Russian Business Leaders Program, a program funded by the U.S. Department of State and administered by American Councils for International Education.