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ltm Extended Family: Daniel Woodroffe

As president and founder of dwg., Daniel has practiced landscape architecture for over 20 years. He has amassed a wealth of urban design, green infrastructure, hospitality, urban parks and complex on-structure architectural commissions. In his role as Design Director he has overseen a multitude of award-winning national and international projects. Daniel is passionate about design

Keeping Real Estate Real

Wow! Your neighborhood has streets, sidewalks, houses and a park? So does mine! – said no one ever. As humans, we can’t create a neighborhood without a similar toolkit of building blocks to make it function. But we actually do have tremendous influence in how a neighborhood looks and more importantly, how it feels. lookthinkmake

Your Environment’s Brewin

In 2015, lookthinkmake sold its Manor Rd office to an exciting new venture. Actually, they just wanted to brew beer, but that was cool enough for us. Almost three years later, Oddwood Ales has opened their doors and tapped their kegs. Which leads us to… Oddwood co-founder Brett Ziebarth found a taster’s worth of yeast

Ten Years Looks Good on Us: lookthinkmake’s New Brand Identity

After nearly ten years, it was time to change our clothes. The best client-agency relationships are true partnerships built on trust, collaboration, and the notion that we’re all in this together to build something amazing for the people we serve. At nearly the ten-year mark, lookthinkmake has enjoyed so many of these relationships. It’s what

New Thinkers and Makers

Meet our 2018 new hires. Ailien Phan Account Executive What’s your favorite good weather activity? Pool day What book can you not put down? Reading the Red Sparrow trilogy right now and I’m very into it. If you could eat one thing for lunch every day, what would it be? Sushi or Vietnamese food Courtney

ltm Extended Family: Taylor Burge

Taylor Burge is an event coordinator, floral designer and mama based in Lockhart, Texas – home of world famous BBQ. Taylor entered the world of events early on, throwing themed parties at local bars in Dallas, TX – her hometown. When she and her then best friend, now husband moved to Austin in 2010, she

Taylor Burge Ellison House

ltm Extended Family: Mindy Raymond Benson

As a creative at heart, Mindy has been involved in every aspect of the filmmaking process. Her acting career, which was her first passion, took her to New York City to study at the prestigious Michael Howard Studios. While in NYC, she found a love for producing and creative marketing. Mindy lived in NYC for

New Republic Studios

Nine Lessons in Nine Years

  As we look back through the perfection of hindsight vision, we can begin to see patterns and lessons that have been our guiding muses these past nine years. Some of the lessons are stated out loud with relative frequency, some are internal dialogue that is called upon as we make decisions large and small.

Cracking that nut: Bringing Pease Park’s new brand to life.

Cracking that nut: Bringing Pease Park’s new brand to life. Rebranding is a delicate process. It requires setting off into uncharted territory while paying homage to friendly waters. Now apply that metaphor to a squirrel. When it came to rebranding Pease Park Conservancy, we set out to find the heart and soul of Pease Park

People are too comfortable to care.

People are too comfortable to care. This was a powerful statement by Mike Maples, Jr., a venture capitalist that has seen tremendous success in ventures including Twitter, Twitch. TV, Bazaarvoice, and Spiceworks, to name a few. He spoke at an Austin Business Journal Face 2 Face event. (These are amazing, btw. Go check them out.) From