May 2016 - lookthinkmake

Problems aren’t a problem.

Problems aren’t a problem. This is not a statistical analysis of how many problems Austin currently has, as compared to how many problems it used to have. Way back when. You, know, when Austin was still cool. (Insert expected wistful romantic sigh.) Rather, this is a little bit of a wakeup call. Just a little


We need to talk.

We need to talk. In some cases, this headline might normally send chills down a person’s spine. But this time it’s different. No, really. SXSW Eco is just around the corner and lookthinkmake has submitted a panel concept that we think needs a bit of attention. Austin is changing. (Not news.) Things are getting expensive.

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ltm Extended Family: JJ Langston

JJ Langston serves as the Executive Director of the Barton Springs Conservancy, and through this, is an advocate and supporter of one of Austin’s most beloved natural spots. We’ve gotten to know her through our work on Barton Springs Conservancy’s For the Love of the Springs event. Prior to Barton Springs Conservancy, she’s had the

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